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Get the Wall - if you child falls in the pool: For children 18 months and up

Reward your child when he turns around to you under the water, and teach your child to put his head under the water and swim to bump your belly THE BUMPER FISH!

Master each step before going on to the next.
1. Practice gliding him to the wall underwater and catching the wall.  Watch that the child doesn't hit his face on the wall.

2. Have the child hang on to the wall for a minute before taking him off.

3. The peek-a-boo, turn around to you:  First use the float and have him play peek-a-boo to you until he gets the foot motion necessary to turn around.  Then, telling the child what you are going to do, count to three, put him under the water and calling his name, turn him toward you.  Make sure the child feels the turning motion. With practice, the child will turn to you underwater without help.

4. Peek-a-boo to the wall.  Sit the child on the edge of the pool.  Say: "get the wall."  Hit the wall with your hand to show what you mean. (You are in the water) Pull the child towards you into the water and turn him around under the water lifting his hands to grab the wall and hold on.

5. From standing, to the wall. With the child standing (you are outside the water), help the child to jump out into the water.  Have the child turn around under the water and catch the wall. You need to practice this at least 3 times each swim session.

Help the child as needed until the child can jump in, turn around and get the wall.

Remind the child "If you fall in the pool, find the wall, hold on and yell for help."

I don't think it's necessary to make the child "fall" in the pool with clothes on. If he can do it, he can do it!! Miss Bea


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