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"My three children all learned to swim from Bea Skeens. Starting at age one, they learned to feel confident and safe in the water with Miss Bea¹s techniques and progressive lessons. Her lessons emphasize both skill development and pool safety for both myself as a parent as well as for my children. They are all excellent swimmers. I would (and do!) recommend this swim lesson series to anyone with small children."
- Julie Stormer

"I highly recommend this swim lesson DVD. I have four daughters and they have all taken lessons with Mrs. Skeens. Their progress after each lesson was amazing. I never thought they could learned so much at such a young age. Since we are surrounded by water where we live, it was of utmost importance that my girls learn survival skills as well as find enjoyment in the water. This one video that parents should not pass up!"
- Cindy Lane

"All three of my children have learned to swim from Bea Skeens. They all appreciated water safety skills at a young age. When my daughter was three she fell in the pool and was able to turn around and get the wall before I could get to her. The program is wonderful."
- Amy Cobel

"I was very impressed by how much and how well my daughter learned to swim over the summer. She started to swim with Miss Bea at two years old. She was always eager to learn and practice what she learned. Bea is totally great!"
- Mrs. Zell

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