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Sally Hutchinson. new user wrote
Oh it's a wonderful video! We just introduced young Wyatt (6 1/2 months old) to the water at the pool yesterday after watching the video and it went wonderfully! Thank you for this wonderful resource! You're very thorough and clear; and I am highly encouraged and feel alot safer about the whole infant in the water issue having seen it in action on your video as opposed to simply talk among other new moms."
William P Bristol MD FAAP St. Simons Island, Georgia March 30, 2006, endorses the DVD
I have been a supporter of Miss Bea's swim program for over 20 years. The new DVD. "Learn to Swim with Miss Bea" is an important addition to every baby layette. Miss Bea's comprehensive, easy to follow swim lesson program for parents and swim instructors teaches infants and children how to swim and be safe in the water. Knowing how to swim is important for both survival and enjoyment in the water. The DVD gives you step by step techniques and strategies that you can use in the bathtub and in your swimming pool and that can be a supplement for any formal swimming lessons program. There is not guarantee that a drowning situation can be avoided 100%, but with this program, parents can be confident that you are training your child to be safe around the water. Do everything you can to make your child water safe!
Harry Kelly, video reviewer for SPLASH, a quarterly magazine in Glynn County, Georgia has this to say:
"Learn to Swim with Miss Bea" is a very useful, easy-to-understand thirty-minute DVD that presents a complete swim program for children four months to six years old. The program itself teaches basic swimming skills in fun ways that keep the kiddies interested and engaged. If you have a lick of sense about a child's safety and survival in water you should get the DVD and do what Miss Bea says. You will not regret it.

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