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Flip Float

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Flip to Float: An important survival strategy for your child. A swimmer who can’t swim very far may panic if he falls in the pool or gets tired. Teach the child to turn to a float position to rest and breathe until help comes or until he can continue to swim to the side.

1. Turn to the back and float Explain to your child what he will do.
  • Tell the child to swim to you
  • You will tap him on the head
  • Help him turn to a float position by putting one hand under his back and one on the belly to help him roll to his back.
  • Have the child look up at you while he floats.
  • Tell the child to relax and breathe.
2. Flip to Swim:
  • While the child is floating and looking at you, slowly count to three
  • Tap him on the head, and watch the direction he chooses to flip.
  • Hold his arm and help him to flip, by rolling to the side and to a prone position.
  • Move back a little so the child has to swim to you.
  • the child will not lift his head but turn over, not getting in a standing position.
When the child can swim, turn to float and flip back and swim, he can do the flip float!
3. Kick on the back
  • Hold his head in the back float position.
  • Tell your child to kick on his back while you move backwards. Hold your child’s head as you practice.
  • Let him feel that he is pushing you backwards.
  • To strengthen the kick, have him crash you to the wall.
  • Hold your child’s head less and less until your child can kick on his back by himself as you back up and call to him.
  • After your child kicks a longer distance, have him turn to float, kick on him back, and flip over to swim.
With the Flip-Float, your child can now swim the length of the pool without help!

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