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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to start swim lessons for my baby, how old does she have to be? Mary Ellen

Miss Bea:  Start preparing your baby for swim lessons from her first bath. Take her to a pool or hot tub that you know is clean and warm. My DVD gives specific examples on how to hold your baby and what to do to get her to learn to go under water. You will become confident as you watch other mothers do it!

Can I drown proof my infant? Barbara

Miss Bea:  There is no way to drown proof your infant. Your child's safety around the water depends on your watchful eyes!  Research has recently proven that baby swim programs have reduced drowning statistics. Most water accident victims are found within 5 minutes of immersion. A child can hold his breath 2 minutes giving time to get the child out of the water without suffering brain damage.

What are some things that I can do in the bathtub to prepare my baby for the pool?  Joyce

Miss Bea:  In my new Swim Lesson DVD I show a mom in the bathtub with a 3 month old floating on her back and I show how she supports her baby on her belly and has the baby push off the end of the tub.

Last year my 3yo loved the water. This year she won't get near the pool. What should I do? Chris

Miss Bea: Make deals with her where she can earn prizes! First, she has to sit and watch other kids in the pool, then she needs to just sit and put her feet in the pool. At home, watch pictures from last year and swimming videos, even my dvd. Practice in the bathtub and shower. Next time in the pool, she goes in the shallow part with you sitting right next to you. Then do some of the games that I show in the dvd. Soon, she will be asking for more - and more treats, of course!.

Should we use flotation rings or arm bands? Dan

Miss Bea:  All the pool arm floats, swim rings and tubes are fun and can be used to help the child with the swimming skills, but they should ALWAYS be used while the parent is within arms reach.

My two yo has Down Syndrome. My doctor told me to take her in the pool. Will your swim lesson DVD help me with her?  Morgan

Miss Bea:  Yes, because I give you step by step swimming instructions that you can see parents performing with their children. Also little Ashly will enjoy watching the children in the water and try to imitate them.

What about water in his ears? Joanie

Miss Bea:  You can put "swim ear" drops that can be bought at the drug store to help evaporate any moisture in the ear, but some doctors say that they are not necessary.

My baby is 11 weeks old. When can we put him in a swimming pool? Tania

Miss Bea:  Generally it is recommended not to take babies to a pool before 6 months. That is due to the germs he can pick up from the water before his immune system is developed. But if it is a private pool and you know that the chemicals are balanced, you can take the baby in as soon as you feel comfortable. Hold the baby close to you until he gets used to the water temperature. Hold the baby securely if the baby can't hold his head up since you don't want him to swallow water. If water gets splashed in his face just wipe his nose.

My toddler loves the water and he thinks he can swim. He wants me to let him go.  Tracy

Miss Bea:  I bet he loves the tub and even puts his face under the water in the tub so you think that he can hold his breath. Do this in the pool. Hold him Close to you count to three and jump up taking a breath then go under the water together for a split second. You spit and blow out and laugh and see if he does the same. Make it a game and stay under the water a little longer each time. More games like this in my swim lesson DVD.

My child screams in the water but we have a pool and live near a lake.  Should I wait for lessons?  Shari

Miss Bea:  If the child is afraid, take it slow; try different approach to the skill.  Check on yourself.  The child needs to trust you.  Are you mixing your signals?  Is he going under water without enough warning?  The child has no control in the water and he knows it.  Are you comfortable and confident with the lesson?  If you cannot have a calming relaxing attitude, someone else may have to do the lessons.  Have friends in the water, maybe a babysitter...

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