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Helpful Hints
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How to Use the Swim Lesson DVD

  • If age appropriate, let the child decide what to practice/learn.
  • Watch the swim lesson with your child (if age appropriate) that you are going to practice on that day telling the child that he can do it too!
  • Tell your child that this is "swim school" and that you are the teacher
  • Make notes of what you want to practice or print each lesson description from the website prior to going to the pool
  • Give a five minute warning before you end the practice or lesson.
  • Watch the dvd and any videos and pictures that you took, to review and reinforce what you've accomplished and what you will work on next.
  • Make plans for the next lesson!!

For a successful Swimming Lesson:

  • Swim when the child is rested and happy.
  • Make sure the water is warm.
  • Always make it fun. Offer rewards.
  • Show confidence that you can have the child do what you see in the video
  • Do not make the child nervous or set high expectations for yourself.
  • Have patience and continue to encourage and praise the child.
  • Time: fifteen minutes for a baby, thirty or forty minutes older baby

  • Write to me; I would love to hear from you. Love you!

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