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Breathe and Swim

Taking a breath: After your child can swim with his face under water for about 8 feet, he is ready to learn to take a breath by bringing his face up. If your child starts to bring his face up before he is ready, he may not be able to continue swimming. Have your child breathe and swim by doing the The Flip Float Children who learn the flip float first will learn to breathe to the side, the method for distance swimming.
Take a breath by bringing the face up:
  • Lokking at your child, put your face into the water and then bring it straight up, blowing out and taking in air before putting your face back down in the water.
  • Explain to your child that he will bring the face up after he swims half way to the other side of the pool.
  • Have your child push off the side or jump in the pool. You will be waiting for him half way to the other wall.
  • When your child reaches you, tap him on the head and say, “take a breath”. You can put a hand under his belly or hold the back of his bathing suit.
  • Count to three while he takes in air.
  • Watch your child’s mouth to be sure that he takes a breath.
  • Do not let your child grab your arm.
  • Say, “head down” and “get the wall!” as you release your child and follow him to the wall.
With physical development and practice the child will increase the distance he can swim.
Your child’s potential is endless!
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