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The Flip Float Breathe and Swim

The Arm Stroke: "dig, dig, dig"

BABIES UNDER 6 MONTHS: The swimming reflex makes babies look like they are swimming. Babies will naturally move their arms and legs underwater. You won't need to teach your baby any underwater motions. That is why you want to start your baby swimming very young!

1. Dig, dig, dig: Get your baby to splash the water.
  • Hold your baby under the armpits above the water.
  • Say: dig, dig, dig, while your baby splashes.
  • You move him toward the toy or another person.
2. Effective arm stroke:
  • Lean back on the wall making a seat by crossing one leg on the other knee.
  • Have your child chest deep in the water with his back to you.
  • Reach and pull each hand under the water. Don't let your child hold your hand or finger.
  • Tell your child to reach and pull.
  • Hold your child under the armpits, with the face above the water, and have your child reach and pull while going to a toy, or to another person, or to the steps.
3. Face underwater:
  • As your child moves under water, extend his hands to really reach under water.
  • Tell your child to dig! Your child can hear you under the water.

  • 4. Older child:
    • Have your child lift the arms while walking to the steps or to the side.
    • As your child develops a more grown up stroke, he may alternate with the arms reaching and pulling under the water and bringing his arms up above the water.
    Make your child work while having fun!
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